Wriggle Learning

Here are a series of videos that have been developed by Wriggle’s on-staff teachers.

They’re designed to guide you through the following:

  • What it means to have technology in the classroom
  • The importance of technology for the new Junior Cycle
  • Who Wriggle are and what they do to support you as a parent, your child as a student and us as a school
  • The process and steps from tonight onwards

This first video takes a look at student learning styles.


We know that there are many different learning styles and in the past, the curriculum certainly focused on rote learning, which was really just a memorization technique based on repetition.  If we judge everyone’s performance in school by expecting them to learn the same way, then aren’t we “judging a fish by its ability to climb a tree”?

Rote learning certainly doesn’t suit everyone.

Here are 8 different learning styles and you will know your child better than anyone.  Think about yourself too, how do YOU learn best?

-Are you a visual learner who responds better to images, colours, visual clues?

-Maybe you’re a verbal learner, preferring to close your eyes and listen as you absorb new learnings

-Do you move your hands, use a wide range of facial expressions when you talk, then maybe you’re a Bodily Kinesthetic learner

There’s no right or wrong learning style – but what’s important is that technology now allows us to cater for the needs and learning style of every student.

This next video looks at how school has changed.


It’s true that the classroom has changed a lot slower than the world has, over the decades.  Some might argue that the biggest evolution from the 50’s to the 90’s was the introduction of Coloured Chalk!  Really though, the curriculum focused on rote learning, all students sat facing the board, is it really the best way for a teacher to teach with their back to the students?  There wasn’t necessarily room for much debate or discussion in the classroom.

Technology plays an ever-increasing role in the real world and industry and we have to prepare our students for that world.  Does that mean we completely change all of things we’ve always done in the classroom?  No, as we can see from the image here, the best approach is a mix of both, aka “Blended Learning”


The next video we’re going to look at, is about Junior Cycle Key Skills.


Not only are these key skills for the classroom, these are Life Skills.  If any of us were to go for an interview today, what questions are we likely to be asked:

  • Tell me about your experience of working with others
  • Tell me about how you manage a heavy workload, how you cope with a stressful situation, how you manage your work life balance (managing myself + staying well)
  • Tell me about how you’ve been creative, about a time you’ve been able to “think outside of the box” and use your initiative


The next video is a little longer, but it tells us who Wriggle are, what they do, what support is there for you as parents, our students and us here, the school.



  • Every students device is fully personalized and secured so it is used as an educational device
  • Students cannot access any potentially harmful Apps, like SnapChat or distracting games.  Before students receive their device, Wriggle load all of the Apps that students will require in school, they will not have the ability to access the App store, whether in school or at home, even during school holidays.  This should bring great peace of mind to you, that it used as an educational device only.
  • The Internet is a hugely valuable resource for students and in school our internet is filtered.  We cannot however, manage your internet at home, so it’s very important that you still manage access to the internet at home in the same way that you would manage your child’s smart phone, tablet, Xbox, etc.

Here is one final video to finish and here you’ll see the process and next steps from here, including:

  • The teaching and Continuous Professional Learning that is provided by Wriggle for our teachers
  • The Online Store, which will have everything that your child will need, it’s very easy to use and is unique to our school
  • The Parent Monthly Payment Plan, that allows you to pay over 3 years rather than in one go.  You can also make lumpsum payments or clear off the balance at any time, without penalty
  • The delivery process
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